Wild Women of Washtenaw (WWOW)

Twenty-second Annual OUTDOOR WOMEN’S EVENT

Friday, May 8 - Saturday, May 9, 2020


Friday, May 8 2020

  • HUNTRESS SAFETY CLASS: - 2 pm - 7 pm - Please make sure you can arrive to class by 2 pm Friday before committing to it. Limited to the first 12 participants that pre-register for this class. With successful completion of this class you will earn your MDNR Safety Certificate. There will be a pre-class assignment, pre-testing, class room instruction, hands on shooting instruction, final test and MUST ATTEND Friday 2-7. See description below for more info. (Class held in large classroom in Clubhouse)
  • Registration and Set Up Camp:
  • Tomahawk and Knife throwing: (near Muzzleloading range)
  • Air Rifle & Pistols: Shooting - Clubhouse, behind registration
  • Cardio Drumming -6:00 p-7:00p with South Lyon Community Cardio Drumming, - cost is $5.cash at the event - limit of 25 with loaner equipment [we can take more if you bring your own] anyone interested in a fun Cardio drumming exercise, want to have fun with an exercise that doesn't feel like work! The best part is that anyone can do it. You make this exercise what you want it to be. Just go with the beat and have fun. No experience necessary
  • Pot Luck for Dinner: We will provide the Chicken and pulled pork, you bring a dish to share 7:00 pm Clubhouse
  • Campfire & Camaraderie: Enjoy a nice fire under the stars, good company, women with outdoor enthusiasm, sharing stories, concerns, ideas, creating friendships, maybe even a song or two. (Between Clubhouse and shotgun range)

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Walk/Run through Nature for Woman's Charity = 5K [3 miles] or 1 Mile - 7 am Runners Start, the last start 7:30 am [All running/Walking must be complete by 8:30 am] in time to make 9 am Introduction and Basic Safety Oreination] The entry fee will be $5. cash at the event - Our Charity will be: Hope Through Horses program servicing the new women's and children's shelter in Tecumseh, MI - WWOW was the absolute inspiration to start our different Camps many years ago. ( RED Shirt) LOL - Annie Schiller has been a participant for many years.

  • 1 Hunter Safety Course [Friday 2 pm - 7 pm] This does not count as any of your Saturday classes   Opportunity to EARN your MDNR Safety Certificate - for the first 12 participants that sign up for it. Mandatory attendance at class times and pre-course assignment. You may want to go hunting for the first time or maybe out-of-state hunting. You will need a Hunter Safety Certificate, if you were born after January 1, 1960, to purchase a Michigan Hunting License. This is sure to be an enjoyable class to earn your hunter safety certificate and enjoy WWOW. There will be a pre-course assignment mailed to your home before the WWOW weekend. This assignment must be completed before the start of class, 2 pm on Friday. Attendance to all class sessions is required, Friday 2 pm-7 pm, then we will break for dinner. You must attend all sessions & pass a written evaluation & safe firearms handling exercise, to successfully complete this course.
  • Archery Basic   Learn about equipment . Learn and practice shooting fundamentals.
  • Archery Instinctive   New to archery or experienced with conventional compound bows? Interested in challenging yourself to shoot instinctively without sights, with a stick string and bow.? Experienced traditional archers will help you learn to shoot instinctively with our bows or yours. Instinctive Archery sharpens the eye and mind. Practice, practice, practice.
  • Archery Intermediate   MUST PROVIDE OWN EQUIPMENT. (If you borrow a bow make sure it "fits" YOU, don't bring a 60 lb bow that you can't pull back with ease) Some experience required. Tips and practicing techniques to improve your skills. Practice shooting at 3-D targets along oue wooded course.
  • Bird Houses 101 [2nd or 3rd sessions only]   Assemble a simple wooden chickadee nesting box. Learn safe use of hand and power tools and some simple methods for building your outdoor projects
  • Edibles Wild and Medicinals:   cover safety and ethics when foraging, how to find reliable information, common edibles and medicinals in our region at various seasons, and then take a walk on club grounds to collect a few edibles to eat and/or make tea with. This class will primarily be held hiking outside in the woods, please make sure you are up to this if you are interested in this class.
  • Edibles, Wild Part 2: Cooking with Wild Food   This class will explore methods of preparation for wild edible plants (and animals). If you have taken a basic foraging class and have wondered about the next steps, beyond a simple infusion (tea) or salad, this class can be thought of as a next step. We will cover harvest, storage and preparation methods of several wild foods and have some samples available to taste in class. We will have opportunities for hands-on preparation, but this will be a mainly demonstration and Q&A style class.
  • Falconry [3rd session only]   The Sport of Kings (and Queens) Falconry the art of hunting wild game with a trained raptor, is thousands of years old and still practiced today. Falconer apprentice Michelle Crandall, Lisa Clements, General Falconer and Lauren Anderson, General Falconer, will introduce you to this art, their hunting birds, falconry equipment, and guide you through the process of becoming a falconer in the state of Michigan. We will also show a video of falconry in action.
  • Fly Tying   Learn the art of Fly Tying for fly fishing or maybe a nice pendent. You get to take home your masterpieces!
  • Herbs 101/102   This class will involve seeing, smelling and tasting herbs. Many uses and types: oils, salve, teas and essential oils. We will work with wild and cultivated herbs and growing them at home. We will be eating and tasting our way through a very hands on type of class.
  • How Safe Are you? [1st & 2nd sessions only]   The single most important step for ensuring your own safety is having a personal safety strategy in place before you need it. This class will discuss tips and techniques that you need to be alerted to dangerous situations and to avoid becoming victimized. This is not a self-defense class or a shooting class. Possible topics to be discussed are automobile and travel security; home and phone security; personal and technological security. Questions regarding the material presented are encouraged during the class.
  • Hunting the Wild Turkey [1st session only]   Whether hunting with a camera, shotgun or bow, this class will teach you all you need to start hunting the magnificent wild turkey! Class will include discussion of both spring and fall seasons, rules and regulations, bird identification, scouting, reading signs and equipment needed. Learn the language of the wild turkey and how they communicate with each other. You will have an opportunity during the class to try different turkey calls and visualize shot placement a turkey. We will take a short walk at the end of the class and practice our calling and sign reading. Since spring is the wild turkey's mating time, we may even be lucky enough to hear real birds gobble, yelp, cut or purr!
  • Knot Tying   Ever wanted to learn how to tie Knots that you can use for everyday use? This class will show you how to tie the overhand, square, two half hitches, taut-line hitch, bowline knot and the clove hitch. These knots will help you with your camping and boating experiences.
  • Map and Compass   Afraid of getting lost? Not knowing where you are or how to find your way? Have fun learning to use a map and compass to find your way into the woods and back out again.
  • Muzzle loading Shooting   Learn to load and shoot historic firearms from the revolutionary through the civil war periods from instructors in period dress. Also shoot modern-day muzzleloaders with instructors in jeans... This is truly a social sport.
  • Rifle   200-yard Balloon Shoot. Learn to shoot long distance using small-caliber rifles with very little recoil.
  • Shotgun Skeet Shooting   Learn the basics of shooting flying clay "birds" Most of the targets are crossing shots: "Clay-birds" coming out of High and Low houses. Very little recoil.
  • Shotgun Trap Shooting   Learn the basics of shooting flying clay "bird" targets mostly away shots. We'll just have to think of a way to cook them. Very little recoil. Shotguns are Fun.!
  • Small Bore Pistols & Rifles   Learn basics of safe and responsible handgun handling and shooting. Learn to shoot .22 caliber rifles and pistols.
  • ss Intermediate pistol class. [2nd or 3rd Sessions]:   MUST PROVIDE OWN EQUIPMENT Prerequisite: prior pistol experience Course: A step above the standard pistol target practice. We will incorporate movement while shooting, shooting from cover, malfunction clearing, tactical reloading, and more. Provide your own pistol (pending our safety inspection). You'll need your firearm, at least two magazines or speed loaders, and about 100 rounds of ammo

All session's feature hands-on learning

Experienced volunteer instructors, shooters, and outdoors persons who love their sport and want to share it with others will conduct each session.

Schedule of Events

Sorry, No camping Saturday night.

Fees & Registration

$50 for Friday & Saturday. Includes Special Event Tee Shirts, Friday Night Dinner, Saturday morning continental breakfast, Saturday Lunch & snacks, ammo and equipment, knowledge and information, enthusiasm and encouragement, sharing and bonding, tent and/or tent space.

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For More Information, Contact:

Gail Chapman
(734) 417-5793
P.O. Box 260
Pinckney, Michigan 48169

E-mail: wwow99wsc@gmail.com
Number for day of Event: (734) 434-6177 clubhouse  or (734) 417-5793 mobile


Traveling east on I-94, take Exit 181 to US 12 West (Michigan Avenue).
Traveling west on I-94, take Exit 181A to US 12 West.

Ellis Road is the first road left off Michigan Ave.. It makes two sharp turns before heading directly south about a mile to the WSC. As the pavement ends, turn left to the WSC entrance, 5095 Ellis Road. Follow road 1/4 mile to main clubhouse on the left.

Map Of Grounds