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Facilities: 200 - 600 Yard Rifle Range
Open To Public: All Varminter and Wednesday 300/600 Yard Practices are open to the public. See Event Schedule for specific dates. Number of entries is limited to 18 teams. You MUST pre-register 1 week prior to the match by calling Doug Hastings @ 734-996-5808 or Scott Eberth @ 734-662-6316.

The Varminter Biathlon is a 2 person team event. The preferred equipment for this event is a hi-power rifle w/sling, bi-pod and scope. All firing is from the prone position. Course of fire requires 28 rounds of ammunition. Targets will be match targets or 6" balloons. Match runs from 10AM to 5PM.

Match Structure:

  • The teams are divided evenly into two groups. In each group there are two relays.
  • The first group of teams which are the first and second relays, assume positions at the firing line, the second group of teams which are the third and fourth relays, assume positions pulling targets.
  • The first relay begins at the 200 yard firing line and works back to the 600 yard firing line.
  • One member of each team is in the first relay, the other team member is in the second relay.
  • The first relay team member fires while the second relay team member spot and gives him/her wind information.
  • The second relay commences at the 600 yard firing line and works up to the 200 yard firing line. The team member from the first relay spots and gives wind information and the second relay team member fires.
  • After the first and second relays have completed firing all their shots, they change positions with the third and fourth relay group and pull targets as the third and fourth relay groups move to the 200  yard firing line.
  • The third and fourth relay groups begin firing at the 200 yard firing line and work toward match completion in the same manner as the first and second relays.
  • The team with the highest combined score is the match winner.

Match Fee: $15.00 per person
Awards: Cash prizes for the first, second and third place teams.

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